My Story

As a Chartered Accountant with a passion for teaching, I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others. Starting with teaching finance-related subjects, I discovered my passion in imparting financial education to those around me. My YouTube journey began in 2019 when I uploaded my 1st stock market video on YouTube. In just a few weeks, it quickly gained traction and became viral. Seeing people benefit from learning online gave me the confidence to start creating more videos on finance and stock market. Creating content on YouTube has allowed me to keep my love for teaching alive. My ultimate goal with my YouTube channel is to help increase financial literacy across India, making it simpler and more accessible for everyone to understand finance. Through my content, I hope to empower people with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their finances and secure their financial future.

What We Do?

My objective in the coming years is twofold: first, to establish my brand locally, and second, to expand my brand globally. I'm working on the local front through my Marathi channel, which has garnered 500K+ subscribers in less than a year! And on the global front, I've been lucky enough to speak at various events like the 1 Billion Summit in Dubai, ICAI in Abu Dhabi and Muscat, and even got invited by Google to visit California!

We have the objective of building financial discipline in the masses by simplifying Stock Market Education and Financial concepts. Whether you’re a beginner in investing or experienced, we have courses for everyone on our website! The courses are in 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Final. We cover topics ranging from Basics of Stock Market, to Managing your Money, to Fundamental & Technical Analysis, and even Futures & Options. You can check out more details on our website. Through these courses, you can learn even complex topics in a simplified and fun way, along with practical examples to help you fully understand the concepts. There are also tests towards the end of courses to further strengthen your knowledge! Once you complete any course, you can flaunt your knowledge by showcasing your certificate on social media :) So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in our courses today and embark on a path towards financial success!

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