Basics Of Stock Market +Magic of Mutual Funds + Mastering Money Management (For Windows PCs)
Basics Of Stock Market +Magic of Mutual Funds + Mastering Money Management (For Windows PCs) cover

Basics Of Stock Market +Magic of Mutual Funds + Mastering Money Management (For Windows PCs)

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Language: English

Validity Period: 365 days

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Basics of Stock Market + Magic of Mutual Funds + Mastering Money Management

1. Basics of Stock Market: This contains various new concepts that are helpful for beginners and it is also useful for learners from a non-finance background.

2. Magic of Mutual Funds: This course will help you to choose the right mutual fund which fits your profile. In addition to this, you will also learn various concepts regarding mutual funds.

3. Mastering Money Management: This course explains how to manage your money for better financial stability.


  • Additional Benefits:

Along with the precise knowledge, you will get the following benefits.

  1. Certificate (For certification, it is mandatory to complete the course and secure 60% Marks in the MCQ test)
  2. Email/ WhatsApp support to clear your doubts.
  • Instructor Information:

CA Rachana Ranade “Naam to suna hi hoga :D”

CA Rachana is one of the top finance educators in India with 13 years of experience in teaching stock market, personal finance, and auditing in funny and lucid language. Teaching concepts regarding the stock market to non-finance students is her speciality. Rachana has simplified financial knowledge and has an enviable 3.5M followers on YouTube and 1,56,000 active learners on her website.

  • Device Requirements For Windows Learners
  1. Device requirements -Lectures will work only on registered laptops & desktops with Windows 8.1pro/10/11(Not for Mac) RAM: 2 GB or more, CPU: 2.0 GHz Dual Core, Internet Connection will be required. 
  2. To start Rio-Player you need admin access on your pc
  3. After placing your order, you will receive an email on your registered email ID containing a lecture link plus a serial key within 48 working hours.
  4. You need to install the Rio player on your PC and download all the lectures through the link provided by us in the mail.
  5. Use your Serial Key provided in the email to access the lecture through the Rio Player.


  • Terms and Conditions :
  1. All the lectures will be valid for 365 days with unlimited views from date of purchase
  2. If you wish to watch the lecture after the expiry of the product you will have to repurchase the same.
  3. It is a single device product. ie. It can be played only from the registered device.
  4. This is a single screen product ie. It cannot be screen cast on any other device like a projector or television.
  5. Lectures cannot be viewed on Mac / Android OS.
  • For more details check the following index pages

Basics of the Stock Market Index | Magic of Mutual Funds Index | Mastering Money Management Index

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