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Magic of Mutual Funds (For Android & iOS)

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Instructor: CA Rachana Ranade

Language: English

Validity Period: 365 days

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Available on Android & iOS

Mutual Funds Lecture 1 has been uploaded for you to get a feel of the entire course.

The course includes all the practical aspects relating to Mutual Funds.

Lecture No's    Topics covered

Session 1: Mutual Fund Basics
Session 2: Basic Terminologies & Concepts
Session 3: Types of Mutual Funds
Session 4: Equity Mutual Funds
Session 5: Debt Mutual Funds
Session 6: Hybrid Mutual Funds
Session 7: Guide to select a Mutual Fund Part A
Session 8: Guide to select a Mutual Fund Part B
Session 9: When & How to Review a Mutual Fund
Session 10: When to Redeem a Mutual Fund investment
Session 11: Things to know before Investment
Session 12: Bonus Session

For a detailed syllabus click here

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