What is Digital Rupee?

access_time 2022-11-30T08:53:27.533Z face CA Rachana Ranade
What is Digital Rupee? A month after testing the wholesale central bank digital currency, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Tuesday announced a trial for retail digital rupee (e₹-R) commencing on December 1 with four banks in as many cities participating in the pilot programme. What is Digital Rupe...

Is Silver ready to shine?

access_time 2022-09-03T10:26:06.528Z face CA Rachana Ranade
Is Silver ready to shine? Introduction As per a recent article of Business standard, Mutual Fund Houses have launched a clutch of new fund offers in the Silver ETF (exchange traded fund) category this year and collected Rs 1,400 crore in assets. But why all of sudden Mutual Fund Houses are coming wi...

Inflation ate my Maggi

access_time 2022-06-04T08:53:14.500Z face CA Rachana Ranade
Inflation ate my Maggi Do you remember the days when the 10 Rs. Maggi used to cater the evening snack of 2 people, and now it is hardly enough for one person…. or do you remember the size of 10 Rs. Parle-G biscuit packet some years back, wasn’t that plentiful! Now indeed it has reduced. This phenome...
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